Saturday, June 8, 2013

List of The Products

1. Round Chacha
Coklat warna-warni isi kacang
Just Pick the color you wanted and taste the crunchy peanut inside.
Rp 46.200

2. Eiffel Mede
Coklat mede balut coklat
Feel the mildness of the chocolate with the luxury of cashew nut.
Rp 71.000

3. Raisin Coin
Coklat koin isi kismis
I bet you won't miss the raisin combined with the thick chocolate.
Rp 58.800

4. White Planet
Dark Chocolate dengan balutan white chocolate
Taste the mix of two kinds of chocolate.
Rp 19.600

5. Chichoc
Coklat isi biskuit
It blends the taste of chocolate and biscuit.
Rp 18.200

6. Choco Stick
Coklat isi biscuit bentuk stick
Just bite the thick biscuit inside and you will love it.
Rp 19.600

7. Yin Yang
Chichoc and white planet
Just pick dark or white, you will love them both.
Rp 21.000

8. Full House
Coklat koin, Eiffel Mede, Chacha
Grab the filling of raisin, peanut and cashew nut.
Rp 53.200

9. Truffle Choco
Cichoc, white planet and chacha
Rp 42.000

10. Truffle Mede
Eiffel mede, white planet and chacha
Rp 57. 400

11. Golden Treasure
Chacha and raisin coin
Find the burried treasure of golden coin.
Rp 39.200

12. Hi Five
Chacha, eiffel mede, white planet, chichoc and raisin coin
Rp 37.200

13. Fancy Choco
Chichoc, choco stick, chacha, raisin coin, and white planet
Rp 28.000

14. Sweet Dream
Chacha and raisin coin
Rp 37.800

15. Oval Chacha
Rp 26.600

16. Mini Bites
Raisin coin, chichoc, white planet and chacha
Five kinds of chocolate for your little ones.
Rp 8.400